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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


div>Afternoon, Pennington street.

  Grey clouds covered the sky, not letting a single beam of light shine by way of. It was a gloomy day.

  Within Dolphin Antiques, old guy Gregor languidly sat in the chair behind the table. He seemed to be dozing off with his head tilted.

  Abruptly, he heard a familiar footstep from outside the door.

  "Garen?" the outdated guy opened one of his eyes and asked listlessly. "Search at what time it is! I thought you weren't coming nowadays." He pointed at a white narrow-necked vase with two ear-like handles. "This is your mission for the afternoon, go take a closer appear. Give me your appraisal report after."

  Garen walked by means of the door in a red sports activities suit. When he saw the previous man's lazy perspective, he rolled his eyes and shook his head in silence. He walked up and reached out to consider the vase.

  All of a sudden, he flipped his fingers and launched what appeared to be a black line.

  The black line drew an arch in the air like a flying bug, speeding toward previous man Gregor's forehead like lightning.


  It was also late for the previous guy to dodge, so he somewhat tilted his head. Unexpectedly, the black line turned and struck down, stabbing into his left shoulder, and stopped there. It was a thin black needle.

  "Garen, what in the planet are you undertaking?" Gregor got up from his chair, took two steps back and pulled out the needle. He was each surprised and infuriated.

  Garen was shocked. Out of the blue, he had a pained expression and staggered two methods back. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his face turned pale.

  "What happened? How are you?" Outdated guy Gregor froze, but then immediately came around the table to hold Garen. His swift movements have been entirely contradictory to his elderly figure.

  "My... my head hurts..!" Garen's shouted out in a weak voice, his face twisting with pain.

  "Damn it, it should be those guys! How dare they ... ugh!"

  Gregor's voice abruptly stopped, his physique shuddering up coming to Garen. He lowered his head and noticed a short black dagger stabbed into his stomach.


  Garen sneered as he promptly pulled the dagger out, flipped it in his hand, and backed off a stage without having producing another move.

  "If I was not disguised as that child, I most likely wouldn't have been ready to trick you."

  He pinched the skin on his left cheek and gently peeled off a mask produced of human skin, revealing a handsome nevertheless sinister face of a man. "Long time no see, Gregor."

  "It really is you... Sylphalan!"

  Outdated guy Gregor backed off two steps, holding his wounded decrease stomach. He had a complicated expression.

  "Inform me, exactly where is the issue?" Sylphalan demanded.

  "The point? Heh..." Previous guy Gregor smiled. "You nevertheless haven't provided up?"

  Sylphalan laughed. "I know you're powerful, but there is no way you could escape soon after acquiring struck by my Duskhill Needle. Now come on, present me in which it is..." He gradually approached Gregor.

  Gregor unexpectedly commenced chuckling.

  "Have you forgotten? No matter how several instances you consider, you will constantly eat my dust."

  "We'll see about that," Sylphalan mocked with a smile.



  Garen flung himself at the bed soon after the shower, his hair still moist. He took a deep breath, the blankets had the most familiar and warm fragrance.

  "I'm so tired..." he mumbled. "Received beaten up by master Fei at the dojo, then scolded by mom and dad soon after obtaining property. Thank god Ying Er was property early, else it could've been worse..."

  A tranquil orange light lit the bedroom, dyeing Garen's white bathrobe a faint yellow. Outdoors the window, the day was turning dark. It was practically dusk.

  His parents and Ying Er went for a stroll foll

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